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Glass Market Consultancy is connected worldwide to companies in the flat glass industrie.
For any company selling a product, the concepts of marketing and sales are very important as they can mean the difference between success and failure. Marketing is a longer concept than sales and relates to forward looking strategies to understand customer needs, influence customer perceptions, and identify how a company can capitalize on that. The end result of the marketing process is making sales easier.
GMC gives professional or technical advice to help you to build your new glass factory, to sell your used and new machines, to sell your products, to find your machines or anything else.  


Machine manufacturers

GMC has more than 27.000 contacts in the flat glass industry.
With our automated customer relation management system, we have a direct and fast communication tool. Additional we can provide you with a mailing strategy related to your commercial targets. This will empower the attention to your equipment or products, for sale or wanted. Cooperation with GMC will garantuee an increase to your products or projects!


Glass processors

Do you want more customers for your business?
Do you have machinery projects?
Do you want to sell or buy machinery?

What you need is our GMC marketing system!

We are starting with the most important question: "How can we help you?" "What do you need?" Then refine your core goals and let the strategic marketing process unfold. GMC helps you to find your supplier for machinery. Supports you with engineering concepts, machinery projects and offers an online system sales/search machinery.


Service providers

GMC offers manpower.
You can hire: consultants, technicians, m/c operators, production managers, installers, sales people, engineers, others...


Glass end users

Who has the production line to manufacture your glass in house? Where are the closest supplier for your glass located? GMC helps you to find the right glass supplier for your projects or products. We can make an indiscreet glass offer for you.

Jobs for Technicians, consultants, sales agents

Mail us for our joblist:

M: +32 477 51 17 15
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